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This guide is intended to help you get started using the basic and convenient functions of the machine. 3159249
Operation manual that provides detailed explanations of the functions that can be used on the machine. 28316750
This guide explains how to operate the touch panel and customize the user interface. 3592036
This guide explains the procedures for configuring machine settings from your computer using the web page settings function embedded in the machine. 2486854
This manual explains how to register, edit, and delete the address book. 628627
This guide explains how to install the software and configure settings to use the machine as a printer or scanner. 954077
This guide explains how to use the print release function.When you have multiple MFPs that support the print release function on the same network, you can access and print the data that is saved on a MFP from any other MFPs. 361684
This guide explains how to connect the machine to a cloud service on the Internet, enabling you to upload scanned data and print data stored in the cloud. 845043
This manual provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the operation of the machine in each mode. 1848024

Before using the machine, read manuals included in the machine.
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